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Multifunction offline browser designed to run under Windows
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WebCopier is a very effective offline browser that records and stores websites locally untill you are ready to view them.
You can save complete copies of your favorite magazines, sites and stock quotes. Companies can benefit a lot from this program as they can transfer intranet contents to the computers of their staff, create a copy of company's online brochures and catalogs for sales, print downloaded files and backup corporate web sites. Individuals can also benefit from this program by having the ability of saving complete copies of their favorite sites. Developers can take advantage of this program by analyzing the structure of websites and finding dead links on them. It can improve your net and the company’s intranet in many varied ways.

There is always access to this information any time anywhere, even if you are going on a business trip, you can take these web pages with you on your laptop and view them with no Internet connection required.

You can choose whether you want to copy an entire website or a specified directory. It will follow precise links including JavaScript parsing. It can also download many files up to 100 simultaneously. You will control the file copying and skipping with the File and URL Filter.

WebCopier supports JAVA SCRIPT, JAVA CLASS, MACROMEDIA FLASH and PROXY SERVERS with the access to specifying a certain user name and passwords to enter secure websites.

You can view the downloaded pages or browse the Internet using the Integrated Browser. Files can be transferred to another computer, CD or backup device easily as the program stores all paths in a relative form.

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